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  • Computer users with great attention to detail - Type up text that was previously only available on paper, often very rare and fragile materials which have been meticulously photographed page by page. With training and specially-designed software you can use a standard keyboard to enter, and see on your screen, the range of characters required. See a short video: What is WEBBS?
  • Scripture App - Checkers - This service helps people across the world to discover God's Word in their heart language. Volunteers check that the audio narration is synchronised with the highlighted text and adjust the timings if required. It is easy to do and can be delightful to listen to Scripture in another language.
  • EasyEnglish - Biographer - The EasyEnglish Bible is supported by a series of commentaries which help people understand the meaning. A writer is needed to prepare short biographies testifying to the team's expertise, authority, and trustworthiness ("E-A-T").
  • Project Manager - Our Introduction to EasyEnglish is currently available in 13 languages. We would like to widen that, including different scripts, some right-to-left, aiming for the top 100 languages. Could you make that happen?
  • Welcome Team - Friendly volunteers to welcome new members to MissionAssist and update the database records as required.
  • Partnerships Coordinator - Experience of client management and contracts, plus an interest in resourcing world mission.
  • Recruitment Assistant - Help the MissionAssist leadership team in the search for new volunteers, including key rĂ´les such as team leaders and coordinators.
  • Bible Translator - Qualified and experienced Bible translator help check the EasyEnglish Bible.
  • Magazine Service - Subscribers - Either send on your magazine, comic or journal that you would otherwise put into the (paper recycling) bin, or start a subscription (paper or electronic) specifically requested by a mission worker.
  • Proofreaders - Skilled, experienced proofreaders able to find errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and format of English language documents.
  • Linguistic Checker - Apply specific linguistic training and experience to help the EasyEnglish team maintain high quality standards.

All roles are virtual volunteering - working from your own home.

(*) Further details availale on the OSCAR website.