Website coordinator: Paul Hicks
Website Coordinator
14 Vorlich Road
FK19 8QG
United Kingdom
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Miscellaneous Information:

Paul is responsible for all matters relating to the use of information technology and is also the website coordinator. If you have a query or comment relating specifically to the site, please contact him. Equally, if you notice something missing, something that is now past its sell-by date, or something that is just plain wrong, please let him know!

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Welcome Team Members

Welcome new members to MissionAssist and update the MissionAssist database as required. (*)

Recruitment Assistant

Help the MissionAssist leadership team in the search for new volunteers, including key rôles such as team leaders and coordinators.

Partnerships Coordinator

Experience of client management and contracts, plus an interest in resourcing world mission.

Bible Translator

Qualified and experienced Bible translator to help check the EasyEnglish Bible.

Events Administrator

Skills in administration, marketing or event planning and running of exhibitions and conferences.

Director of Communications and Marketing

This is a strategic rôle, requiring experience in promotion and public relations.


(*) Further details availale on the OSCAR website.