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Please try to give at least two weeks' notice. This is very important to avoid interruption to the service if the coordinator happens to be away. Please supply ALL of the information requested and note that you have to scroll to the bottom of the form and click the ‹Send Message› button when completed. Thank you!

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(Please note that all children under the age of twelve need to use an appropriate booster or safety seat to comply with UK law. We will try to supply the necessary equipment but need to know each child's age for this.)

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(If you have an overnight flight, please show the day you arrive in the UK.)

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The coordinator will acknowledge your request upon receiving this form, within two to three days at the latest. If you have not received an acknowledgement of this request within two to three days, please send a short query directly to our Airports Coordinator by clicking here.

Arrangements are made between one and two weeks before your flight. You will be advised by email of the name of your driver who will be waiting in Arrivals, holding a sign with your name on it. If your flight arrives early or if you clear Immigration and Customs particularly quickly, then please stay in the Arrivals area to make it easier for the driver to find you.

The suggested contributions towards running costs will be approximately:

  • Heathrow: £30 plus parking costs.
  • Gatwick: £50 plus parking costs.
  • Luton and City: £40 plus parking costs.
  • Stansted: £55 plus parking costs.

Running costs for other airports will be calculated at approximately 40p per mile for the driver's complete journey.

Please have UK currency to offer the driver (unless you have been instructed otherwise). UK currency can be obtained at the UK airport on your arrival. The driver will give you a receipt for your contribution.

DISCLAIMER: MissionAssist acts as an intermediary in arranging this transport as a courtesy only, and the drivers are volunteers. Whilst MissionAssist takes reasonable care to ensure that drivers and their vehicles are suitable for the task, we cannot accept responsibility for any injury, financial or otherwise, that passengers, their travelling companions, or the driver, may suffer during the course of, or in consequence of, the proposed journey.

FEEDBACK: Though this journey is being organised as a courtesy only, MissionAssist would be grateful for your comments about any particularly notable aspects of your journey, good or bad. We are concerned for your comfort and safety, so please do offer us any useful comments. Thank you!

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