There are four groups of people with specific responsibilities and rôles within MissionAssist. Each of them is described below. The work that we do is divided into a number of different "service" areas, each of which is looked after by a "coordinator". The only exception to this is the Worldwide Electronic Bible & Book Service (WEBBS) that is too large for a single coordinator and requires a number of team leaders and other, specialist rôles. There are also several different administrative teams that deal with the internal, day-to-day running of the organisation.


The trustees are charged with maintaining and furthering the articles of incorporation that govern the Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) known as MissionAssist. Collectively, they provide the strategic direction and oversight of the CIO, but do not normally involve themselves in the daily running of things. At present, there are eight trustees but numbers do vary from time to time. They normally meet formally three times a year, but may convene whenever required to do so.

Leadership Team

This comprises a chief executive officer, treasurer, and four directors for specific service areas: Services, Administration, Information Technology, Communications and Marketing. This team is responsible for implementing the strategic direction given by the trustees, providing a structure of working practices, policies and procedures to ensure that the services run smoothly and well.

Coordinators and Team Leaders

Coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day running of particular services offered by MissionAssist. They ensure that requests are handled efficiently and professionally, and that their teams are trained and prepared for the particular volunteering rôle they fulfil.

Team Leaders are part of the WEBBS service. They oversee work distributed to them by the WEBBS Coordinator and report to him.


Individual members carry out particular tasks relating to particular services or assist with administration with MissionAssist. Some are able to offer several hours a week and others only one or two. All are vital in our aim to serve world mission and to make Jesus known.