Our objectives, as stated in our articles of incorporation, are as follows:

  • To advance the Christian Faith for the benefit of the public, in accordance with our Statement of Belief.

Consistent with, and not contrary to this, we also aim:

  • To relieve sickness and poor health by providing or assisting in the provision and development of equipment, facilities and services, and to support charities and other organisations working to prevent or relieve poor health.
  • To relieve financial hardship, either generally or individually, by making grants or providing items, services, facilities and/or development, and by supporting charities and other organisations that are working to prevent or relieve financial hardship.
  • To promote and provide for the education of people in such ways as the charity trustees see fit, and to support charities and other organisations working to promote or provide education.

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What we do

We provide free services for Christians who have been sent out from their own churches and are working overseas in support of some aspect of Christian mission. These services range from the practical to administrative and academic, and are limited only by the fact that everything is done by volunteers working from their own homes. Occasionally, our volunteers will travel abroad themselves to carry out some tasks but this is the exception rather than the rule. To see more details about what we provide, click on "Our Services".

To achieve all this, we use Christian volunteers, mostly based in the UK, who have a wide range of skills, experience and different abilities. These volunteers also contribute to the bulk of the financial support that we need to run these services. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number 1162807) with a board of trustees and various administrative staff, none of whom receives any salary, up to and including the Chief Executive Officer. We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to expand our range of services. To see more details about this, click on "Our Volunteers".