These policy statements have been developed to ensure that we conform to the requirements of the Trust Deed under which we operate. They are reviewed annually by our Leadership Team and Trustees.



This policy describes the arrangement between MissionAssist and its members. It has been written to ensure that all our members are treated fairly and consistently and know what to expect from us.


MissionAssist is a Christian organisation and will at all times seek to relate to its members in ways that reflect biblical values. MissionAssist is a charitable incorporated organisation, overseen by a board of trustees, and has a mission to serve Christian workers operating overseas by using the skills of its members volunteering from home. Our mission statement is “Serving world mission from home.” MissionAssist gratefully acknowledges the time and talents freely offered by its members to support its work.

What members can expect of MissionAssist

Induction and training

  • We will provide an induction to MissionAssist and suitable training. All members will receive an induction pack with relevant information and policies.

What MissionAssist expects of its members

  • Adherence to Christian standards, principles and practices in dealings with other members and clients;
  • Respect for the values and principles held by MissionAssist and adherence to its policies and procedures as published on the MissionAssist website;
  • The highest possible standards of work to the best of each member's ability;
  • Respect for the trust that exists between MissionAssist and its clients and the confidentiality this entails;
  • An undertaking not to bring the work of MissionAssist and its members into disrepute;
  • A willingness to meet any time commitments and standards that have been mutually agreed or, when this is not possible, to give reasonable notice so that other arrangements can be made;
  • Provision by members of their own insurance to provide adequate cover for using their assets (such as computers, vehicles and homes) for MissionAssist purposes.


MissionAssist does not employ staff and does not desire or intend to create a legally binding contract of employment with any of its members, now or at any time in the future. Membership of MissionAssist may be cancelled at any time, at the discretion of either the organisation or the individual member.