Our Services

Over the twenty-five years that we have been supporting mission workers overseas, we have developed many services to help them in spreading the good news about Jesus Christ. These range from the academic, (for example, researching for information) to the practical, (such as purchasing items not obtainable where they are). In this age, where information technology (IT) plays an essential part in communications, there are a number of ways we can help. We also have some funds available to fund small projects. Click on the tabs below for more details.

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Academic services


MissionAssist has produced a large number of adult literacy booklets in four of the world's most widely used languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). They cover a range of subjects from health, animal husbandry and small-scale farming to practical issues like simple construction techniques.

More details at: www.shellbooks.org


Is there a document or article you can't understand because it is in a foreign language? Our team of translators may be able to help you. We can also help with translating documents from English into other European languages. We currently offer this service for French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


Library research

If you need access to a good university library or there are technical or professional articles that you would like to read, that would help you in your missionary work, we can help. We draw on the huge resources of the British Library, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) library, and other institutions, in the UK and USA, to get photocopies. There is a cost of about £3 per article (sometimes less) that covers the cost of up to fifty pages of copying.


Book searches and purchase

When you need your own copies of books that are hard to find or out of print, we can search in second-hand and antiquarian book shops, as well as in internet book stores. We have contacts with about one hundred second-hand book shops, including ones that specialise in such subjects as theology and African studies. You will be expected to pay for the books and for shipping.


English language editing

For those whose mother tongue is not English, but who need to produce documents in good English, this service exists to help you by checking, correcting and improving your English documents. Our work includes prayer letters, training materials, prayer manuals, and academic submissions.