Many Christians have a heart for overseas missions but circumstances prevent them from going overseas themselves. With MissionAssist, you can have the opportunity to serve the Lord and missions without leaving your own home.

All of our members are volunteers who help out in their spare time. Currently, we have more than six hundred members, located all around the UK. The work that we do varies from academic to practical, and covers a wide variety of skills and experience. Click on either of the tabs below for more information of the skills we require. If you would like to offer your time and skills to help in this valuable service to mission workers overseas, please request an application form. (See the Membership tab below.)

Academic Skills


This is a special form of English that has been developed exclusively by MissionAssist to produce easy-to-understand reading materials for people whose first language is not English to produce Bible commentaries and studies. (More information of this can be found on our Projects page.) You will have experience of writing in English, good knowledge of grammar, and the ability to communicate ideas in simple terms.

Theological checking

We need to ensure that the commentaries and Scripture translations produced in EasyEnglish are theologically accurate. So, we are looking for people who can help with this theological checking. You will need a theological background, and an appreciation of the difficulties of translating using a word list of only a few thousand English words.

Functional literacy

Before people can read the Bible they have to learn to read so we are helping to produce a series of simple reading booklets to help adults who want to learn the basics. The booklets we produce are very practical and deal with topics like health and hygiene, how to make items with local materials, basic repairs and animal husbandry. You should have an ability to shorten and simplify written materials, and have a clear writing style.

Teaching English

We have a number of members who have qualifications to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). Although this service is still being developed, we are aware of widespread needs in Africa and across Eastern Europe and are exploring possible ways of enabling our qualified teachers to work from home in the UK but train people abroad.


If you are a fluent speaker of Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Italian or German you could be a translator for a mission worker. Many of them work in countries where the national language is not English. We get many requests to translate articles and texts both from major world languages into English and vice-versa. Long documents are broken down into smaller sections so no one volunteer gets asked to do too much. If you are able to help with this, we will want to know what is your first language and other languages you know, and if you have had any study experience in these and al if you have experience in translation work.

Library research

Mission workers often need their own copies of books that are hard to find from where they are. We have a team of people that search for these books in second-hand and antiquarian book stores, as well as on the internet. Additionally, many mission workers need access to books and technical articles that are only available from large university or national libraries. These articles are often about the people, group, or language, in the place where they are working. You should have personal access to a good university library or are a librarian yourself.

English language editing

English is spoken all around the world and, like Latin many years ago, often serves as the medium through which people learn and communicate. However, for many in the Church around the world, it is not their first language and, whilst people can speak it, they often find written documents much more challenging. We need people who have a good grasp of English grammar, and the ability to express ideas clearly and fluently, to support this service to the wider church.