Our Projects

Most of the work that we do is geared to a specific service but some of our work has taken on something of a life of its own and may best be described as an ongoing project. Click on the tabs below to find out more about two of our biggest areas of service.


Following the completion of the EasyEnglish Bible earlier this year, the team have been receiving many encouraging comments from around the world. For example: Brazil - "Terrific website! I'm impressed by the quality and practicality of the online content." India - "I work in NE India and am encouraging all my students to use it." Liberia - "These resources will be a great help here." Malaysia - "Thank you for helping me understand more as I share the Word of God to the ministry." Michigan, USA - "Thank you for your Bible study series! It is helping to understand how God's Word is to be used in my life." China - "I use your easy bible translations to help me teach English and the Bible."
Last month (October) the EasyEnglish website received a record 850,000 visits.