We should make clear straight away that we do not have the resources to provide a full spectrum of information technology services. This is an area that is developing constantly - and at a frantic speed - so we cannot hope to match the full range of professional services on offer throughout the world. Moreover, many mission groups and societies these days are offering their own, dedicated IT support, and it is not our aim to compete with existing services.

Rather, our aim is to identify the "gaps in the floorboard" that we see where we can offer some support. For example, one of our longest-running and most valued services is "keyboarding". We have many teams of dedicated volunteers who are willing to help with the enormous task of simply typing out existing pages of published Scripture to provide a digital copy that can be used as the basis for future translations. In addition to the services listed below, we may also be able to help you with the initial construction and launching of a simple website. For further information on this, please contact our website administrator.

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Keyboarding Internet research IT support